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Database and Coordination Unit of Mine Action in Quang Binh Province

Cluster munition CHA (m2)
The total area of cleared land (m2)
Number of EOD tasks
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Legacy of War in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is one of the most devastated provinces by thousands of tones of bombs, mines and explosive ordnance and this is used to be a fierce battle during the war. Long after the war ended, its fierceness and consequences remain in mind of many generations of Quang Binh people. It has severely damaged living environment and claimed thousands of lives.

Since the unification year of 1975, there have been 5,847 casualties recorded. For the past 10 years, 164 mine accidents occurred resulting in 49 deaths and 115 injuries. Majority of EO victims are bread-winners, teenagers or young adults, many of whom survive but become life-long burden for their families and society. Quang Binh authority and people and non-governmental organizations have conducted series of activities related to the survey and clearance of bombs, mines and UXOs left over in the province. However, due to the lack of resources and equipment, the activities are limited to collecting bombs, mines and UXOs scattered on the ground and clearing in key places. To date, Quang Binh land and people are still heavily affected by Explosive Remnants of War.  

The Participation of Non-Governmental organizations (NGO) in Mine Action






Cluster Submunitions and UXO Remnants Survey

Instead of excavating every square meter of land to locate unexploded ordnance like traditional methods, Norwegian People’s Aid Vietnam (NPA) has been applying surveys of cluster munition method in combination with field clearance activities. NPA is currently operating 4 teams of CM technical survey and 5 Non-technical survey teams.

This method is based on scientific and accurate analysis. Cluster munitions are normally dropped from aircraft during war activities, with each dispenser often containing 600-700 sub-munitions, some containing up to 2000. Approximately, 10% of these cluster sub-munitions did not detonate as planned and still exist until now.

Post-War Clearance Efforts to Release Land
Mine Action Activities
Mine Action Activities
Survey activity includes non-technical and technical survey
According to the definition of IMAS
Accident and Victim
Accident and Victim
According to the definition of IMAS
According to the definition of IMAS
Victims Assistance
Post-clearance development
Post-clearance development
Survey activity includes non-technical and technical survey

According to the definition of IMAS, this activity refers to the collection and analysis of data, without the use of technical interventions or using appropriate technical interventions, about the presence, type, distribution, and surrounding environment of mine/ERW contamination, in order to define better where mine/ERW contamination is present, and where it is not, and to support land release prioritization and decision-making processes through the provision of evidence.

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According to the definition of IMAS

In the context of mine action, the term “Clearance” refers to tasks or actions to ensure the removal and/or the destruction of all mine and ERW hazards from a specified area to a specified depth. In Quang Binh Province, besides the “static clearance” of a particular area size, many mobile explosive ordnance disposal activities (EOD) have been conducted to immediately remove and destroy ERW found on the ground and reported by the local people.

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Accident and Victim
According to the definition of IMAS

Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) is activities that seek to reduce the risk of injury from mines/ERW by raising awareness of men, women, and children in accordance with their different vulnerabilities, roles, and needs, and promoting behavioral change including public information dissemination, education and training, and community mine action liaison…

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According to the definition of IMAS

Victims Assistance / Survivor Assistance refers to all aid, relief, comfort, and support provided to victims (including survivors) with the purpose of reducing the immediate and long-term medical and psychological implications of their trauma.

Post-clearance development

Post-clearance development plays an important role in improving the socio-economic situation, is strongly concerned by the local people as well as local authorities, and has contributed to the effectiveness of “clearance” in a specified area.

Frequently asked questions
What should we do when we see the actions of sawing, chiseling and playing with bombs, mines and unexploded ordnance?

Prevent and immediately report to the nearest authority. 

Bombs, mines and unexploded ordnance which are as small as guavas, pineapples and rusted may?
What should we do if we see people in our communities who are disabled by bombs, mines and explosive ordnance?
What should we do to mitigate EO accidents?
EO accidents may leave following consequences:
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