PeaceTrees VietNam in Quang Binh continues to safely remove a large bomb.

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On 26 June 2023, PeaceTrees Vietnam in Quang Binh successfully conducted an EOD spot task to respond a MK84 500 lb air-dropped bomb found by a construction company during the road-development process, only 15 meters away from a very crowded residential area in Tay Village, Vo Ninh Commune, Quang Ninh District.


Upon receipt of a request from the Quang Binh Provincial Military Command, PeaceTrees VietNam in Quang Binh deployed a Multi-Task Team 2 (MTT 2) to conduct this EOD spot task. After careful evaluation by technical experts, the bomb is determined as “safe to move” and it was then transported safely by MTT 2 to the project’s UXO storage area for secure future demolition. 


Only in June, this is the second large bomb that has been responded successfully by PeaceTrees VietNam in Quang Binh, returning safety and peace to communities.
REMEMBER: When encountering explosive ordnance, do not touch it or take any risks to remove or bury them. Please make a phone call to the hotline channel: 0901 941 941 (in Quang Tri) and 1800 1741 (in Quang Binh) for reporting so that the explosive ordnance can be removed or destroyed safely.
PTVN’s Quang Binh project is implemented under the Consortium formed by MAG (Mines Advisory Group), PeaceTrees VietNam and Norwegian People's Aid Vietnam (NPA), in the joined effort to addressing the issue of UXO contamination in Quang Binh province. The project funded by U.S. Department of State. Thank you for supporting our work.


From: PeaceTrees VietNam (PTVN)