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Quan found a big bomb while leveling the ground for an animal farm. It was located 1.5 metres underground. "I was so terrified that I turned off the machine and left the site immediately".
Quan said that after calming down for a few minutes, he told everyone to leave the area because it was too dangerous. "Then I remembered my friend shared MAG's Facebook page, so I searched for information again and reported the bomb to MAG."

MAG’s Roving Team in Quang Binh with technical experts responded to Quan's report upon request from the Provincial Military. The 334kg bomb was lifted from the ground after over two hours of work. After being assessed as safe to move, the bomb was removed and transported to a controlled demolition site for safe disposal.

"I feel so glad I did the right thing to protect myself and others. At that time, I would not have known what to do if there had not been MAG's Facebook page. The page provides information on what to do when you see a bomb and how to report it. I'll share the page so more people can see the information," Quan added.
  Thanks to digital channels like Facebook, MAG can reach people, like Quan, living in contaminated areas in Quang Binh and Quang Tri with life-saving information on how to recognise, avoid and report threats.